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Audiovisual Collaboration

with Tom Foskett-Barnes

(Documentary Film + Live String Quartet)

30 mins


An audio-visual collaboration with Tom Foskett-Barnes, Composer in Residence with leading keyboard manufacturer ROLI, funded by Sound and Music. MIDWAY is a snapshot of a morphing community, set against the backdrop of their building’s stunning brutalist architecture.


MIDWAY features improvisations on the ROLI Seaboard Rise by the residents of Midway House, a 76-flat council estate in Islington with a diverse demographic, ranging from young professionals and students, to council-renting families and elderly inhabitants who moved in the day the building opened in the late 1970s. The keyboard was loaded with pitched sounds recorded on the estate itself.

Composer/Producer:   Tom Foskett-Barnes

Director/Editor:        Marco Alessi

Project Manager:      .Chloë Richardson

DoP:                  ..Will Baldy

Sound:                 .Dan Pugsley

Colour:                 John Rogers

String Quartet:        Kasia Zimińska 

                         Jaga Klimaszewska

                         Johan Höglind

                        .Paulina Mikołajczyk

Commissioned by Sound & Music 

In partnership with ROLI

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