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The Bower

Fiction Short

BFI / Fireheart Films / Greenacre /

DEM Productions / Atticist Productions

18 mins

In 1991, Seb takes his friend Terri to Dungeness to witness a group of radical gay male nuns declare HIV+ filmmaker Derek Jarman the UK's first living queer saint. Thirty years later, Terri repeats the journey with her young employee Jude as he struggles with a recent diagnosis of his own.



Creative Producer: 

Director of Photography:

Production Design: 



Sound Recordist:

Music and Sound Design: 



1st AC: 

Marco Alessi

Ksenia Harwood and Lily Slydel

Sandy Powell

Tim Sidell

Bobbie Cousins

Timothy Gibbons

Billie McKenzie

Ollie Drummond

Tom Foskett-Barnes

Jo Lewandowska (at Okay Studios)

Duncan Russell

Rose Lucas

Terri (2021):

Derek Jarman: 

Terri (1991): 



Mother Mandragora: 

Sister Fridge

Sister Belladonna: 

Sister Gloria: 

Sister Jack Off: 

Sharon D. Clarke

Paul Hilton

Jade Anouka

Arian Nik

Stuart Thompson

Jack Mosedale

Henry Felix

Willy Hudson

Jack Sears

Pete MacHale

Full credits:  IMDb

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