Narrative Short


Plimsoll Productions

12 mins

Toni, 13, doesn’t fit in at school. One day, after her situation takes a dive, the internet unexpectedly comes to save her.

Produced by the BBC and BFI in collaboration with Plimsoll Productions. Broadcast on BBC Four in March 2019.

Watch on BFI Player (UK only)

Director: Marco Alessi

Writers: Mary Antony and Marco Alessi

Producer: Ksenia Harwood

Execs: Rachelle Constant, Lamia Dabboussy, Gillian Scothern, Siobhan Logue, Evan Leighton-Davies

Associate Producer: Justin Berns

Director of Photography: Dave Pimm

Production Design: Rowan Wigley

Composer: Tom Foskett-Barnes

Editor: Jo Lewandowska (at Cut&Run)

Sound: Chas Langston (at Machine Sound)

Colour: Vlad Barin (at Cheat)

GFX: James Malcolm

Starring: Maddie Holliday, Mary Antony, Mya Pennicott and Gabriella Virgilio.


- 70th Berlinale (in competition)

- London Short Film Festival 2020

- Underwire 2019 (Nom: Editing & XX Award)

- Aesthetica 2019


© 2020 Marco Alessi